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Controlling Pest Birds Is Our Goal

Our company is known for providing the best bird control services in the Bay Area. We can solve your bird problem.

No matter what kind of building you have or what your specific circumstances are, pigeon control is important. Bird problem situations can arise for a number of reasons, some of which are more serious than others, but they should all be handled properly and as soon as possible.

Why Bird Control Is Necessary

In areas with dense populations, bird control will always be an issue. there are so many buildings with ledges and overhangs that offer them shelter and food and water sources that can be found if even just one building has an open dumpster. Not to mention the lack of predators or competition that they would find if they went back into their natural environment.

Many of the buildings and homes in the San Francisco Bay area are at risk for damage and infestation due to pigeons. A reliable bird control company with prior experience removing them from these types of environments is required to ensure that any building they service will be safe, clean, and free from pest birds without damaging the building exterior.

Our services include residential and commercial bird removal and control services. 

Our service area includes these areas: Daly City, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Mateo

Humane Removal

Pigeon exclusion methods show a respect for wildlife. Our pigeon control methods are safe and humane.

Damage Remediation

Eliminate health hazards from pigeon dropping diseases and get operations back to normal.

Prevention & Permanent Exclusion

Pigeons want to comeback. We’ll make sure they can’t with fast reliable bird removal.

Get Rid of Pigeons Permanently

Our team expertly excludes nuisance birds, including pigeons, starlings, sparrows and seagulls, which are common to the San Francisco area.

Bird Deterrent Spikes

Dense, Transparent Needle Strips, block pest birds from their "landing strips" very effective but expensive "keep off" sign you can post. Birds instinctively fly to "landing strips" such as roof ledges, windowsills, building projections, signs, statues, trusses and beams. Now you can keep them from landing on your property permanently!


Netting is the most efficient and effective method to prevent birds from entering parking garages, airline hangers, warehouses, loading docks, attics, eves, courtyards and other exposed enclosures. Netting is manufactured from knotted polyethylene twine, is flame resistant, and very strong. When installed, netting is virtually invisible.


BirdSlide is the ultimate bird control method. In fact, it is the most innovative bird control product out there. Using any other method would hinder your house's appearance and is not always effective. BirdSlide creates a barrier that makes it physically impossible for birds to land or perch.


A sticky substance applied with a caulk gun where birds roost. Results are immediate!!! Keep birds off their normal roosting areas with an application of bird gel a liquid a sure-fire, non-toxic, non-lethal bird repellent. Harmless to metal structures, sealed masonry and ornamental metals, Bird-Proof can protect your property from messy bird deposits for up to a full year or longer with one thorough application.

bird spikes
bird slide
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Committed To Delivering High Quality Pigeon Control Services in San Francisco

We Provide Humane Trapping and Pigeon Removal in the San Francisco Bay area.

Numerous homes and businesses suffer from unwanted pigeon nesting and roosting. If these pests go untreated, population control of birds will be more difficult to resolve. Some of the most serious bird pest issues that damage your property are bird droppings and nests.

With more than 25 years experience in the San Francisco Bay area we are dedicated to helping home owners, business owners and facilities managers get control of their bird pest problem. 

Want To Get Rid Of Your Pigeon Problem?

Contact the experts. Don’t let pest pigeons ruin your home or business, risk your health, and destroy your peace of mind. Contact Pigeon Removers to get the job done right.

San Francisco Bird Proofing

Whether you have a single bird in a building, or need to prevent pigeon roosting (and bird droppings) on a large architectural project, we can solve your bird problem effectively and professionally. We install exclusion materials to keep birds away.

Residential Pigeon Control Methods

  • Bird Trapping and Removal
  • Starlings and Pigeons in Vents
  • Dead Bird Removal & Deodorization of infected areas
  • Bird Cleanup and Deodorization
  • Birds Nest Removal
  • Bird Contaminated Insulation Removal & Replacement

Commerial Bird Removal & Control

  • Bird Spiking
  • Bird Proofing
  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Fogging
  • Bird Gel

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Common Pigeon Removal & Bird Control Questions

Physical exclusion can be accomplished by installing weather resistant netting, wire screening, sheet metal, or other materials in a manner that will restrict access to the roosting sites. A grid of heavy gauge monofilament line spaced at six-inch intervals may also be used to create a fence that will interfere with the birds’ normal flight pattern to the roosting area.

Pigeons prefer to roost on level surfaces. Roosting areas can be modified to create a sloping surface, at a 60 degree incline or more, by installing wire mesh or other material to eliminate the level surfaces. There are also a number of non-toxic sticky substances registered as tactile repellents for bird control efforts. Birds tend to avoid landing upon treated areas but the effectiveness is usually lost over time.

Birds can be fun to watch, but when they choose your home or business as their base of operation, these pests can cause a multitude of problems. Birds that nest in your eaves can cause structural damage to your roof, both by damaging the structure directly and by leaving acidic droppings that eat away at the building over time. Bird droppings also cause problems around the entrances to your building. Not only are they unsightly, but they’re also a health risk. Of course, birds also cause problems themselves, making people afraid to come and go – especially if the birds are aggressive.

There are several options available depending on the structure and where birds are nesting. Some of the deterrents include: 

  • Birds spikes
  • Nets
  • Gels and Pastes
  • Bird Slides
  • Bird Wire

Yes, there are some low profile options that are effective for deterring birds. Although some may not be well suited for the problem area. The best solution is to speak with a professional who can review the problem and help you choose the best solution. Most low profile solutions are short term and will need regular bird control management.  

There are several bird deterrent options that are available to deter bird from landing on treated areas. The primary bird deterrent is bird spikes.​

Bird spikes are an anti-roosting device that make it difficult for a bird to land on a ledge and close its wings as it lands. By making this process difficult and reducing the surface landing area, the birds will be deterred from the treated areas. Bird spikes consist of thin rods that are attached to a base. They come in various sizes depending upon the surface width area. Bird spikes can be attached to just about any surface. For example, bird spikes can be installed on building ledges, façade signs, gutters, roof lines, security cameras, parapet walls, pipes, street lighting fixtures, pilings, framing and related surfaces.

Bird spikes are primarily designed to deter pigeons. Bird spikes are not effective against small birds like sparrow or starlings. Smaller birds will use the bird spikes to hold their nesting materials within the rods.

Residential Homes
Big Box Stores
HVAC Window Units
HVAC Rooftop Units
Transportation Centers
Shipping Yard
Parking Garages

​Open Parking Decks
Distribution Centers
Under Awnings
Window Sills
Building Ledges
Roof Lines
Roof Vents

Trash Containers
Recycling Centers
Trees and Landscaping

Luckily, bird spikes are humane, safe, and environmentally friendly. The spikes themselves are designed to make it difficult for birds to land without causing any actual harm or injury.


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